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Weirdest Things People have Ever Insured

Many individuals have been known to protect things that are to some degree strange, yet a few people truly go full scale and guarantee the most odd things. In this article we display probably the most abnormal things ever protected.

1. Bosses cover for lottery wins

English managers can take out protection arrangements against representatives stopping their occupations in view of winning the National Lottery. This kind of protection arrangement however just pays out when no less than two representatives quit because of winning in a similar lottery draw, setting the chances of having the capacity to guarantee on an approach like this somewhat high.

2. Expensive legs

Amid the 1940’s, Twentieth Century Fox, one of the six noteworthy American film studios, had the legs of Betty Grable, American performing artist, artist and vocalist, guaranteed for the galactic measure of 1 million dollars for each leg. Today, this is a stunning 1 billion dollars each!

3. Lopsided stogie

Stogies have been protected some time recently, yet the most uncommon and costly protection approach ever taken out was for a stogie that was made with more than 15.000 tobacco leaves and measured a length of more than 3.6m.

4. Cover for game show

We all know the extremely popular American game show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, but did you know this game show has actually taken out insurance cover for the possibility of one of the contestants winning? Brave insurance company that issues policies like these…

5. Over-valued chest hair

Tom Jones, one of the most popular American vocalists to emerge from the mid-1960s, was of the opinion that his chest hair was critical to his image as a performer and had it insured for several million dollars.

6. Alien abduction cover

Can you believe that in America, people can actually take out insurance cover against alien abductions? To date, over 10 million dollars’ worth of insurance cover has already been taken out and people who run the risk of being abducted frequently actually take out extra cover. The snag with insurance like this, however, is that you’ll need to be able to prove that you were, indeed, abducted by aliens.

7. Dolly’s two most famous assets

Dolly Parton wouldn’t be Dolly Parton if it weren’t for her generous bosom. Of course, her singing talent has also been a huge reason for her popularity, but those breasts, measuring no less than 40DD, have always overshadowed all of her other qualities. She had them insured for a staggering 300.000 dollars each.

8. Catching Nessie

The Loch Ness Monster has been in and out of the news for decades, always being a popular topic of conversation and speculation. Some claim to have seen it, while others don’t believe it exists at all. A company by the name of Cutty Sark has reserved a ‘prize’ of no less than 1.5 million dollars, which will be paid out to the person who captures the mysterious monster alive. At the same time, the company has also taken out an insurance policy to cover themselves for the unlikely event someone will actually come knocking on their door with Nessie in tow.

9. The Boss’ vocal chords

American musician and singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, well known for his unique voice, had his vocal chords insured for the astronomical amount of no less than 6 million dollars. Just in case something happens to it, you know.