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2 Wheeler Insurance Renewal Process

Once the general population have protection approach, they surmise that by getting close by their protection archives their occupation is over. Facilitate obligation is the occupation of the safety net provider to stay in contact with them, sending them upgraded takes note. It might be valid in the majority of the cases for the organizations to advance their items, yet certain obligations are should on your part. One and the most imperative is reestablishment some portion of your vehicle’s protection. Most likely the insurance agency sends notification to remind you about restoration, yet non-receipt of reestablishment notice from the organization is never a substantial ground to pardon you of your risk to pay the premium in time and recharge the protection cover consistently. Your everything cases are settled just if the strategy stands restored in time. Else you lose every one of your cases.

Your two wheeler’s damage, loss or theft are covered in your insurance cover, for which you will be compensated in case of need. Your self injuries at an hour of your two wheeler’s accident would also stand covered sufficiently by way of cashless facilities made available by way of hospitalization and medication in any of the reputed empanelled network of the insurance company. But the herculean problem may arise in case third-party is involved in accident with your two wheeler, particularly if the third-party dies. The compensation in that case is too high. Especially in case of death, it is unlimited and goes to lakhs and millions of rupees. Further death compensation is only through court and very time-consuming and cumbersome.

Thank God the unlimited third-party liability is wholly and solely that of the insurance company. But it is all subject to one condition to be fulfilled on your part and that is that you have been paying your premiums in time. If by any chance you have not paid premium in time, then you are liable to pay the whole compensation to the third-party and forego compensation due to you also. In a nutshell, only one mistake on your part regarding non-renewal of insurance premium in time will prove ruinous for you!


It is always advisable that at the first time itself, you buy two wheeler insurance cover from a reputed company based on thorough study and analysis of various online quotes. Then better stick to this company for renewal. All companies need some time to settle your claims. So if you change your company for renewal or otherwise, you will be wasting precious time on completing claim formalities from one company to another and, thus, risking delaying the claim.